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Western Union

Each transfer is protected by an advanced worldwide security system

  • Advanced electronic technology and a global information network for fast pay out.
  • In most cases, your funds can be picked up within minutes, without the need of a bank account.
  • Agent locations are in banks, post offices, retail stores, travel agencies, currency exchange offices, railway stations, airports and more.

    Send Money Fast
    When you need to send money fast, count on Western Union Money TransferSM. Just visit one of our Agent locations to send money quick and conveniently.
    After approval, your money arrives in minutes.
    Your receivers can pick up the money right away (depending on the hours their Agent location is open).
    Send money around the world.
    All our Money Transfer services offers you ease -- and peace of mind. Join the millions of people who rely on Western Union Money Transfer to send money around the globe.

    Visit www.westernunion.com for details.

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